Prevent Mosquito Bites

Fight The Bite

With the recent confirmations of positive EEE mosquitoes on Cape Cod and throughout Massachusetts, it is imperative to prevent mosquito bites. It's best to remain indoors when mosquitoes are most active - which is dusk to dawn. If you must be outside, be sure to be using EPA registered repellent, wear long sleeves and pant legs, and employ the use of nets and screens when possible. 

You can help yourself and your community by ensuring there is no standing or stagnant water on your property. Check your yard for buckets, tarps, flower pots, kids toys, bird baths, etc.. if ANY are holding water, dump it out immediately and move the item to a place where it can no longer collect rain or sprinkler water. For bird baths, be sure to flush out and refresh the water every couple of days to prevent mosquito larvae development.

Also, ditches are made for drainage. They are NOT the place to put your fallen leaves, branches, yard clippings and more. Impeded flow causes standing water and makes the situation worse for you and your neighbors! Fight the Bite!!