Where to Look and What to Do

Fight The Bite

Ornamental Ponds

Add goldfish for looks and mosquito control. Avoid spraying with garden insect sprays. Remove leaves and thin out lilies. Keep water level up. Screen inlet of recirculation pump. Chlorine kills fish—transfer fish to glass bowl when cleaning pond. If pond is no longer desired, break holes in bottom and fill with dirt or sand.

Concrete or Plastic Swimming Pools

Operate filter and skimmer every day to remove egg rafts and larvae. Provide drainage filter and pump sumps. Chlorine will not kill mosquito larvae. If pool cover is used, keep it tightly sealed. Remove rainwater from top of pool cover.


Prevent accumulation of bilge water. Store small boats upside down or cover to keep out of the rain and water from sprinklers.

Other Kinds of Containers

Remove and dispose all unused containers that collect rain or water from sprinklers:  Cans, Jars, Buckets, Tubs, Old Tires, Barrels , etc..